"Problems can be confusing, difficult to recognise and impossible to share. Therapy is simply the place where such problems can safely be detected, voiced, and worked on"

Counselling In Fulham

Iam a qualified counsellor working from a quiet consulting room in Fulham which is easily accessible from the following areas:

Barnes, Chelsea, Hammersmith, Knightsbridge, Parsons Green, Putney, South Kensington, Roehampton, Wandsworth, Wimbledon, Central London and South West London.

How Can Counselling Benefit Me?

We live in anxious, stressful times. Relationships, separation, work issues, addiction, anxiety, isolation, and a sense of meaninglessness are features of modern life.

I am trained and experienced in a range of therapeutic approaches, and can tailor these approaches to suit your needs.

A Process Of Discovery

Iam able to work with you on short term goals to tackle immediate problems, or on longer term therapy for deeper change.

Skills can be developed to enable you to recognise and deal with your problems yourself, and to cope in what is sometimes a difficult world, a world that often strips away the individual’s sense of significance and value.